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The Salon by the Sea & Hythe Therapy Training Centre

Skin Lesion Removal   

Safe removal of unsightly skin tags, moles etc

Removed safely by our own technician Valerie

All our treatments can be booked on-line. £1 deposit will be requested on our secure site to reserve your appointment. Alternatively ring us: 01303 237551



Session Time


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Skin Lesion Removal

This time usually covers 1 mole or 3-4 tags.

Skin lesions can be irritating and unsightly. Harmless moles or skin tags are not usually treated on NHS and that’s where we can help. However it is not just about removal, advanced knowledge can point out to potentially dangerous lesions that could indicate skin cancer and save lives.

Ignorance is one of the main reasons why skin cancer kills 7 people in the UK every single day. 1 in every 3 cancers diagnosed globally is a skin cancer.

We remove:

Skin tags, cherry angiomas, lentigines (known as liver spots), seborrheic keratosis, moles, sebaceous hyperplasia.

The treatment is mildly uncomfortable but not painful. We use plasma pen device to cauterise/resurface unsightly lesions that are above skin surface, only working on epidermis. There is no scaring afterwards. Anaesthetic is used whenever needed to reduce uncomfortable sensation and an aftercare products are provided after the treatment.

multiple sessions can be booked to cover the treatment time needed

30 minutes


Make an appointment for skin lesion removal with Valerie here